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En Ce Moment. The disc of the moon is covering the sun Magical views from top of the world for solar eclipse Solar eclipse. Longyearbyen - Arab Today All eyes were on the skies early Friday for a solar eclipse set to offer spectacular views, from selected airplane seats, European countries with the right weather and a remote Arctic archipelago. Europeans got their first glimpse Read more. Hong Kong - Arab Today The Year of the Horse brought catastrophic international air accidents, brutal terror attacks, global political upheaval, a resurgent Ebola virus and war -- and, in Hong Kong, large-scale civil unrest.

But fortune tellers Prahlad Jani has undergone medical experiments in the past. Mumbai - Arabstoday Prahlad Jani has undergone medical experiments in the past An Indian saint has claimed that he has been living without food and water since Prahlad Jani says he is entering his 73rd year of hunger, having spent the last 72 years in meditation. The Read more.

An insight into what the New Year will bring based on horoscopes. Beirut - Georges Chahine An insight into what the New Year will bring based on horoscopes On the evening of the New Year, the Lebanese astronomer, Samir Tanab offered a comprehensive presentation of his forecasts for the Lebanese politicians on several levels. His expectations included the President and Speaker Read more. A man and a woman cast their votes in a school used as a voting center in Al-Arish city, north Sinai. London - Arabstoday Dark matter keeps scientists in dark A new study of dark matter, the mysterious hidden stuff thought to pervade the universe, casts doubt on a previous finding that offered hope that dark matter had finally been seen.

In , a European-Russian satellite called Payload for Read more. London - Arabstoday Space worms could help Mars travel The answer to how humans might react to long stints in the high-radiation and low-gravity environment of deep space may lie in microscopic worms that came from a trash heap in Bristol , England.

In , scientists from the Read more. Toutes ou Plus d'actu Astrologie et Horoscopes. Demographic data of Norwegians born Sun may determine lifespan at birth Solar activity Paris - Arab Today Could the Sun be your lucky -- or unlucky -- star? In an unusual study published Wednesday, Norwegian scientists said people born during periods of solar calm may live longer, as much as five years on average, than those who enter the world when the Sun is feisty.

The team overlaid demographic data of Norwegians born between Plus d'actu Voyance. Horoscope et Amour. March 28, This isn't a good time to gamble. Even if an investment seems like a sure thing, it could undermine your financial security.

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Keep your money safe in the bank. If a loved one is clamouring to make a big purchase, sit down together and review. Cancer June 21 - July March 28, Your friends enjoy spending lots of money at restaurants, clubs and stores. They want you to join the fun. Although you hate being left out of the festivities, you have better uses for your hard earned cash. Instead of attending expensive outings, hold gatherings of. Balance September 22 - October March 28, Someone with questionable motives will try to befriend you.

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Be wary of anyone who suddenly expresses an interest in you after a long period of disinterest. It is possible this manipulator wants you to get them a job or introduce you to a friend. Capricorne December 21 - January March 28, Financial affairs will be stressful. Everybody is fighting for their piece of the pie without regard to others. You might be the only one who can set a respectful tone.

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