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While the Horse is in love with being in love, this gives the Pig man a chance to shower her with affection, lavish gifts, and spending time with one another. Although a Horse woman is capable of handling finances and can easily adapt once committed to a relationship, the Pig man must always be cautious of the Horse's actions to ensure she is not eyeing other men and potential relationships, as Horses prefer to keep their lives without commitment, with platonic friends and romantic or sexual relationships.

Virgo Horse Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

A Horse man enjoys having his free time and exploring new areas of life according to the Chinese horoscope, whereas a Pig woman prefers stability complete with love and harmony, although she is quite flexible and understanding to the Horse's needs. Horses are quite blunt with their words and actions, which can hurt the feelings of a Pig woman, unless she is able to rationalize the Horse's behavior to later reflect on it.

With enough communication and effort on both parts of the relationship, it is possible for the two to have a long-lasting partnership, depending on each of their own wants and desires. Custom Search.


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Challenges of an Ox-Horse love match Vastly different personality traits make up the chief site of conflict in an Ox-Horse pair and one of the most significant of differences could arise from their opposing social compulsions. The Ox feels most comfortable when surrounded by familiar sights and following a relaxed predictable routine — the constant hankering after novelty and action which is intrinsic to the Horse might unnerve and unsettle the Ox partner.

Yet another hurdle to Ox-Horse compatibility could lie in their inability to back down from a potential conflict.

Yet another common point of conflict between an Ox and Horse partner could be money and expenses, especially when they share a home. The male Ox who usually likes his role of being the family breadwinner might frown upon what he sees as unnecessary expenditures of his Horse partner while she might view them as vital for enjoying life.

The male Horse on the other hand could plan their dates well ahead and discuss plans in advance so that his girlfriend does not feel she is being rushed into something. As far as sex lives are concerned, it would help if the Horse lover used a little patience and tact while introducing something new to the Ox beloved.

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You need to get all of the bureaucratic paperwork and chores out of the way before you can really commit to making your relationships a place of joy and abundance. With your planetary ruler, messenger Mercury, stationing retrograde from March 5 until March 28 , past conversations and past lovers come back up for review.

Mercury retrograde gives everyone three chances to correct their mistakes, so listen to the conversations that have been repeating themselves.

What has your partner or companion been saying to you again and again? There may be something to repair there.

There is a new moon in Pisces on March 6 that breathes a renewed sense of purpose into your love life. Set intentions to make space for a deep and trusting connection to attract the relationship of your dreams.

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This lunar event will join the planet of fantasy, Neptune, adding an extra romantic flair as you swoon over your ideal partner. Someone you can live with through any high or low — someone you can explore the world with. Planet of the unexpected, Uranus, changes signs for the first time in seven years on March 6 as well.

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Uranus is a rebel and inventor.