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Check in to make sure that everyone is on the same page to avoid any hurt feelings in the future. Money is not the root of all evil. It's the attitude that people have towards acquiring wealth that causes problems. Remember to remain humble and to give thanks never forgetting how hard you work or where you, and your good fortune, came from. When the Sun enters your sign things start to manifest and reveal the intentions you ought to set for your solar return.

Ask for the universe to share with you what you are ready to experience right now. Things are wide open for redefining in your life, from the way that you look to your job. Complications are part of life. You may not appreciate the adrenaline rush or how drama that's out of control makes you feel but it can help you to be more focused and determined than ever.

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With the Chariot card, you are prepared to tackle any loose ends from the past and break free from any emotional snags that still catch you off guard when you least expect it. When you're around the right company you can experience amazing chemistry. If you haven't found your tribe, you are going to soon. There is a creative vibe around you. Why not add a little sparkle to a room or go visit a craft store with your friends. If you have a DIY project that needs to get done, maybe this weekend you can get your friends to help out and get it finished before the New Moon.

You have all the right stuff, and you know it. So, when you want to go all out and change things up, why do you second guess yourself.

You already know that your idea is great. Don't wait to put things together. There are times when people, places or things have outgrown one another and it's time for a change. During growing pains, you might experience confusion or even blame yourself for what's happening around you. If your first instinct is to hold on, remember that there is power in letting go what no longer is meant for you.

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For one, you release it to someone else who needs it. Secondly, you open your hands up for the greater thing that is meant for you. It's time to reclaim your power and realize that your life really is yours to own. You may be sharing a burden that belongs to someone else and it's hard for you to feel as though your time, resources and energy are all your own but it is, it truly its.


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Believe it. Things are shifting around in your life, both emotionally and monetarily too. You might have some complicated budgeting to do this week, but it's not impossible with the right mindset and some discipline. You have to ask yourself what "is" that reason? Are you here because you are interested in a reading?

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My favorite thing to do is to raise awareness so people like you can put it into everyday action. It is a great way for people to jump in and connect not only with me, but with other like-minded folks from all around the world. Curiosity means that you are "feeling" or being pulled to experience something more in your life than you can consciously define. Did you ever think that you had spirit guides? A team of energies that are working with you to help you navigate this lifetime?

Maybe you are feeling you need guidance because you are at a crossroads?

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