Blood red moon meaning astrology

The Meaning Of A Blood Moon Actually Holds A Lot Of Spiritual Significance

The astrologer added the Blood Moon eclipse will impact your senses and will provide a chance to broaden your perceptions. Leo the Lion is said to be a creative and passionate cosmic energy tied to cheer and good humour. People born under this sign are said to be generous and warm-hearted but can come across as arrogant, lazy and stubborn at times. Astrologers believe Leo appreciates people who take holidays, enjoy time spent with friends and indulge themselves in expensive shopping trips once in a while. The Blood Moon eclipse might also overwhelm you with energies driven by a so-called Grand Cross in the heavens.

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Nonetheless, Solar and Lunar eclipses are particularly powerful, and an astrologer ignores their effects at his or her peril. The effects of the Full Moon on people's moods is well known, and the New Moon usually represents a new cycle in life. But when that Full or New Moon interacts with the Sun and Earth in such a way as to cause an eclipse, the regular effects of a Full or New Moon are greatly amplified.

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Eclipses don't just affect individual lives; they also have a tendency to affect larger world events. Although when it's a Full Moon in your part of the world it's a Full Moon all over the Earth, eclipses leave a distinct and limited path: they project a shadow on a portion of the globe. Many astrologers have noticed the effects on world events within that shadow zone.

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For example, the last eclipse before the Prophet Mohammed was born shows the parts of the world where Islam is strongest. Although the effects of an eclipse are often described as being sudden or unexpected, remember that no event in your life happens in a complete vacuum. Both astrology and life in general tend to give us some hints as to where the hammer will fall in advance. For example, an eclipse played a crucial role in the Democratic primaries when Hillary Clinton was upset by a relative unknown named Barack Obama And finally… Don't forget some surprises are actually good, and that no matter what, you've already lived through a few eclipses in your time, and you'll likely make it through plenty more.

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